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E-Library Framework

E-Library Platform ELP, which is a newly developed web based digital content management software and system that will lead the next new evolution in e-Research.

Document Delivery

Just pay for the articles, journals, and books that you need. Purchase them directly without being redirected to external websites.

Consultant Services

Assisting clients with the best pricing and best choices in periodicals and publications related to every professional and or institutions specific needs.

A-Z List

No longer will you need to subscribe to multiple publishing companies in order to gain access to different article titles, or go to the trouble of having to set up online access to multiple publishers. E-Library USA will gather all your subscriptions into one convenient place on our website.


Our automated system allows your articles or theses to be distributed within minutes.

Cloud Storage

Create and organize your own personal library and access anytime using desktops and/or tablets.

Experienced & Trusted by 16,000+ Institutions worldwide

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E-Library makes ordering document easy. Order by form, search, and citation while on the system. Your documents will be delivered instantly or within 72hrs but to ensure your documents are supplied as needed, Rush or Panic services guarantee delivery within specified time frames.

Corporations and other organizations can arrange for document delivery accounts, which may allow for volume discounts along with multiple payment options, including credit cards, deposit accounts and invoice accounts.

With the ever evolving technology and demands of the workforce, E-Library has created a platform that allows professors and institutions to connect to the world of research and academia through different type of databases.

ELP provides Document Delivery Services, online and print journals/books cataloged within an A-Z List, and custom account settings, personal / institution cloud space so that framework and efficiency allows for an easy workflow.

Choose from various databases, and plug into the E-Library Framework.