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    The Next Evolution in E-Research

    Researching just got easier.Search not only within a subscribed journal but also across multiple journals, books,database, or publisher's entire list

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    One-stop-shop for all your E-Research

    E-library partners with major publishers to provide you access to their entire collections through robust online platform. Single sign-in to our platform, there is no need to apply for account with each individual publisher

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    Never wait to access any article

    Pay-Per-View and Document
    Delivery Services

    You will have the ability to download Full Text instantly (Pay-Per-View) or we will deliver the artical upon request (Document Delivery Services)

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    Complete searching methods & collection

    Search by keyword, title, authors, publishers, categories, and specific terms based on your researching needs. Our search results pull from over 375 research databases and more than 380,000 e-books, 355,000 e-journals and 141, 013, 00 articles

How it Works
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